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ACTRIMS 2022 | An independent focal inflammation cohort – performance of the MSDA validation test algorithm

Ferhan Qureshi, BS, Vice President, Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, discusses the use of the MS Disease Activity (MSDA) test algorithm in an independent focal inflammation cohort study. Mr. Qureshi describes the parameters and results of the population cohort. Samples from 69 patients were accessed – with each patient having a sample taken during a period of relapse and a period of remission. The metrics used include sensitivity, negative predictive value, accuracy, and the odds ratio – which were used to establish the disease activity thresholds as low, moderate, or high. It was further stated that in the post-independent validation study, the results were reliable in accordance with the initial clinical validation study. Regarding the odds ratios, the results demonstrated that patients with a moderate or high disease activity score were more than five times more likely to have one or more gadolinium-enhancing (Gd) lesions on their associated MRI than a patient with a low score. This was further elaborated in that patients with a high score were ten times more likely to have two or more Gd lesions than those with a low to moderate score. This interview took place at the ACTRIMS Forum 2022 in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Ferhan Qureshi is an employee at Octave Bioscience