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VJNeurology is committed to improving our service to you

EAN 2022 | New rehabilitation approaches in Parkinson’s disease

Fabrizio Stocchi, MD, PhD, IRCCS San Raffaele Rome, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy, outlines the latest updates in rehabilitative therapeutic approaches for motor complications in Parkinson’s disease (PD). It is well established that physical exercise is important in PD, but specific rehabilitation approaches are needed to improve symptoms such as balance difficulties, freezing, and gait impairment. New techniques based on peripheral stimulation of the sensory-motor system have been developed and studied, including the medical devices Gondola® and Equistasi®. Evidence suggests that peripheral stimulation improves basal ganglia function and, consequently, motor symptoms. This interview took place at the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) 2022 Congress in Vienna, Austria.


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