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EAN 2021 | LECIG for motor fluctuations in Parkinson’s disease

Dag Nyholm, MD, PhD, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, discusses the use of the levodopa-entacapone-carbidopa intestinal gel (LECIG) for the treatment of motor fluctuations in Parkinson’s disease. The addition of entacapone, a COMT inhibitor, increases the bioavailability of levodopa, and therefore the doses of levodopa needed to be reduced. According to the pharmacokinetics studies, unchanged morning dose and 35% decrease of continuous flow rate, compared with levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel doses, provided stable levodopa levels without accumulation. Prof. Nyholm outlines the suitable patient profile for LECIG and describes further studies planned to gain more knowledge on this intestinal gel formulation. This interview took place during the European Academy of Neurology 2021 congress.


Dr Nyholm has received grant support from EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND), Swedish Brain Foundation, Swedish Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Swedish Research Council, Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency); consultancy fees from Britannia, NeuroDerm, NordicInfu Care, Stada; lecture fees from AbbVie; remuneration for participating in expert panels at the websites internetmedicin.se and netdoktor.se; and publishing royalties from Liber AB. He has participated as an investigator in clinical trials sponsored by Dizlin, GSK, Integrative Research Labs, Ipsen, Lobsor, Sensidose, Solvay/Abbott/AbbVie. The present video was not sponsored, although the EAN symposium was sponsored by Britannia.