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EEC 2022 | Clinical utility of hybrid video/audio-based epilepsy monitoring systems

Jukka Peltola, MD, PhD, University Hospital of Tampere, Tampere University, Tampere, Finland, discusses the use of the Nelli system, a semi-automated hybrid video/audio-based monitoring system for detecting seizures in patients with epilepsy. A series of recent studies have revealed the need for, validity, and clinical utility of the Nelli system. A pilot study assessed the ability of video/audio-based seizure monitoring to evaluate baseline frequency and severity of nocturnal seizures and the individual effect of treatment. It was shown that use of the system was feasible and improved the evaluation of treatment effect compared to seizure diaries. The clinical utility of the system has been demonstrated in a retrospective study of 100 patients, which showed the capacity of the system to assess frequency and type of epileptic seizures, as well as recognition of non-epileptic events. Data captured by Nelli facilitated the optimization of seizure management, identifying patients with a need for a new therapeutic intervention and patients with no evidence of suspected epileptic seizures. This interview took place at the 14th European Epilepsy Congress (EEC) 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland.


Jukka Peltola reports the following disclosures:
-Medical Director and co-founder, Neuro Event Labs
-Research grants from Eisai, Livanova, Medtronics, Pfizer and UCB
-Speaker honoraria from Eisai, Livanova, Medtronics, Orion, Pfizer and UCB
-Support for travel to congresses from Eisai, Livanova, Medtronics and UCB
-Advisory boards of Arvelle, Bial, Eisai, GW-Pharma, Livanova, Medtronics, UCB